SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e)
SeaPort-e is a multiple award contract vehicle that allows the Navy to consolidate its contracting activities, institute consistent acquisition policies, and eliminate duplication of procurement costs. The contract uses performance-based task orders to procure engineering, technical, and programmatic support services with the goal of reducing costs and improving productivity.  Key Group was awarded a SeaPort-e contract in April 2015 for Zone 6.  This includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.  The SeaPort-e portal is monitored on a daily basis and any Task Orders that fall within our areas of interest are considered.

Contract Type   
Agency IDIQ
Naval Sea Sysems Command
Contract Number
Functional Areas (FA) Supported
*Training Support (3.18)
*Administrative Support (3.21)
*Public Affairs & Multimedia Support (3.22)
Geographic Areas
Zone 6 - SW
Performance Period
4/5/2015 to 4/4/2019
Teaming Partners
Key Group Contacts
Susan Ortega (Customer Satisfaction POC)
Fax: 805-524-2683

Bruce Greene
Fax: 805-524-2683

Experience and capabilities.
Key Group's capability to support the functional areas of interest is based upon the experience of our key personnel plus the contracts listed on this web site.  We have applicable and relevant corporate experience in all three functional areas listed. 

Video Teleconference and Audio Visual Support Services (VTC/AV)
POC: Mr. David Scheid, NSWC PHD COR, 805-228-7347,
FA - Training Support (3.18), Public Affairs and Multimedia Support (3.22)
Key Group provides multimedia support and operations and technical support of the secure VTC and AV facilities including the services described Contracting page of this web site.

Management Support Services (Non-DoD, Commercial Activity)
POC: Ms. Grace Vaswani, President, SBAR, Inc., 805-643-7081,
FA - Functional and Administrative Support (3.21)
Key Group provides administrative and marketing support, management consultation and proposal preparation of Government contract bids for SBAR including the services described on the Consultation page of this web site.

Key Group is a quality oriented company.  Our quality practices allow us to control our business processes, both internally and externally, resulting in a consistent level of quality support to our customers and our staff.  We are intimately familiar with the ISO quality program and have based our processes and procedures upon this approach.  Key Group has received many accolades from our customers, both oral and written, concerning our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality.

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